The United States Constitution requires the federal government to take a count, or census, of the population every 10 years. After the updated census numbers are released, many federal, state, county, municipal, and school board election districts must be adjusted, or redrawn, in order to comply with a number of Constitutional and statutory requirements. In South Carolina, this process, which is known as Redistricting, is performed by state legislatures, county and municipal governments, and certain other governmental bodies. 

Ben Mustian has extensive experience working on redistricting plans. In the most recent redistricting cycle, he advised state, county, and municipal elected officials on redistricting plans and provided advice and litigation strategy to adopt plans that complied with legal requirements and to successfully defend against legal challenges. This background makes Ben well-equipped to advise clients on Constitutional and other legal requirements governing redistricting plans, including One Person-One Vote, traditional redistricting principles, and the Voting Rights Act. His practice has given him a deep understanding of this unique field and allows him to work with  clients and expert witnesses to provide practical and astute advice on redistricting matters.