Public Utility and Motor Carrier Law

The Public Service Commission of South Carolina regulates public utilities that provide electric, natural gas, telecommunication, water, and wastewater (sewer) service in the state. Certain types of motor vehicle carriers, such as  taxis, limousines,  ride-sharing companies (known as Transportation Network Companies), and household goods movers, may need to obtain a certificate from the PSC before operating. As part of this regulatory process, the PSC has the authority to oversee the rates and fees the public utilities and motor carriers are allowed to charge their customers as well as establishing quality of service standards and resolving customer complaints. In addition, the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff is tasked with representing the public interest in utility and motor carrier proceedings and the South Carolina Consumer Advocate has the ability to intervene in PSC proceedings that may affect utility rates and to advocate for the interest of consumers. 

 Ben Mustian is adept in handling a wide variety of issues relating to electric, solar generation, natural gas, telecommunication, water, and wastewater utilities in rate-making, regulatory compliance, complaint, and other matters relating to utility services. As part of his Public Utility Law practice, he has handled applications for rate increases, to modify the utility service territories, and to approve mergers and acquisitions. Ben also is experienced in representing clients on matters related to solar generation, interconnections with electric utilities, and avoided costs under PURPA. In addition, he works with motor carriers, such as ride-sharing services, and household goods movers, to obtain the necessary certificates and regulatory approvals to lawfully operate in South Carolina.